Family Office - Reimagined

Our Investment Philosophy

Investing in companies is more than putting your money in a Fixed Deposit. The Investments are like the members of your family. Everyone needs love, at the same time everyone is different.

Early Stage Investing

Our philosophy has always been to identify a startup or business at an early stage, either at concept stage or at angel/seed stage. This helps us grow along with the business and also assist them with our experience and also our network to help them grow.

This requires a lot of patience and commitment to nurture the business. We have been doing this as this is driven by our passion to grow business.

We have also been successful to an extent in doing this and validates our commitment in this philosophy of ours.

Founder Focussed

The key ingredient for any startup is the concept and the business model. Irrespective of how good the concept and the model is, it would be a failure, if the founder and his team is not strong enough. Founder plays an important factor for the success of the company.

Fourten is heavily focused on the founder and does banks more on the founder to execute the concept and the business model. It gives them all the support that is required for executing the vision to a tee.

Industry Agnostic

Identifying the right venture to invest in that blends with our philosophies is not an easy task. At the same time, fixing us to a certain vertical will also narrow down the options for us to participate in promising ventures.

We have invested in a variety of ventures from the Software Service Industry, to E-Commerce and Real Estate. It all comes down to ventures that meet our passion and the founders with whom we connect.

Business Centric

No idea is complete without a proper business model, No matter how innovative or problem solving it is. One of the key ingredients has to be a solid business model that takes, revenue into account, even in all their growth projects and that quickly balances the scale from red to green.

Engagements this year

This has been a good year and we seem to have struck gold. Here are some of our engagement for this year up until now.

Tech Service company based out of UK

Mindera, a global tech service company, that was born out of Portugal and a home base in Uk, with a philosophy of putting people first and living true to equal opportunities and with no compromise on the quality of work.

UK based Fintech Startup servicing Europe

HOLD -A UK based cryptocurrency startup keeping security at its heart and pioneering in business acumen, ready to spread its wings in Europe We are proud he associated with the brightest minds who are creating the neid generation FinTech, with an eye towards the future.

E-Commerce company based out of India

Jinglebid - A company that is becoming a true alternative to the 2 giants Amazon and Flipkart. Jinglebid brings in online shopping experience the Indian way, where the customers get their bargain and brings a level playing field so that the sellers of all sizes have an opportunity to participate on equal footing, including the neighborhood corner stores.

This is run by a group of people who are passionate about bringing in change by democratizing the online marketplace world.

Founders: Krishnan Naranapatty & Sudarsan Babu along with Co-Founders Venkatesh Kannan & Srivas Anantharaman

Real Estate Investments in India and in the UK

Real Estate is always a lucrative market, where houses are bought as investment properties and generation of rental income and also some include buying and selling at the right time for profit with home as a commodity. Our carefully selected team has been doing in a good job of going in at the right time in these purchases.

Explorations underway

Peer to Peer Lending Startup

Exploring a Peer to Peer Fintech, company that has the future to span across multiple countries. At an early stage in terms of Tech Development and Regulatory approvals.

Work Tech Startup

Our passion towards engaging with people at the workplace at a more personal level at the some time not losing sight of objectivity, brought us close to this one that we are exploring being part of.