About us

Fourten is a family office born out of passion for building companies and working with people by a couple that enjoys building new business.

Paul & Hetal do come from a tech background with different style's of working towards a common goal.

We are a Family Office looking to work with energetic, smart individuals who are founders of startup companies with a vision into the future.

Paul Evans

One thing he likes the most after his family is his cake. He could go for hours, maybe even days without proper food as long as he had his cake.

Paul, being a wonderful human being himself is all about treating people in the workplace humane. Brings more compassion towards people to get the best out of them at work. He is also an amazing salesman and does have a knack to bet on the right people.

This has certainly brought him where he is and he is using these experiences to assist many teams through Fourten.

Hetal Kurji - Evans

A wonderful mom, an amazing wife and an entrepreneur, all rolled into one. That is Hetal.

Someone who has been battling all aspects of her life with efficiency has taken on a role to do the same with more companies at a diff role.

Hetal being the straight shooter she is, is great for growing companies to understand what needs to be changed and get them on the right course.

Our Philosophy…

Investing in companies is more than putting your money in a Fixed Deposit. The Investments are like the members of your family. Everyone needs love, at the same time everyone is different.

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